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EuroServhi has designed and patented the new Nebumax, a fragrance nebulizer, in order to fulfil the air freshening needs for big areas.

This device, with a modern and smart design, has a small size and it is completely programmable.

Nebumax can freshen areas of up to 300 m² in a uniform way thanks to its innovative dosage system, based on pressurised injection.

The device releases practically invisible particles into the air that stay in the environment and distribute themselves all over the area thanks to the natural flow of air.


Technical characteristics:

  • Dimensions: 24 x 8 x 20cms.
  • Cover made of polyamide.
  • Power: electric current: 220V.
  • Lock security system.
  • Intensity control system.
  • 4 units / box.


Recambios Nebumax Nebulizer

EuroServhi has created an exclusive top quality scent line of products made from high grade raw materials. These fragrances give off a high aromatic elegance that sets them apart from the other fragrances currently available on the market.

The combination of the aforementioned innovations results in the best possible air freshening in the maximum number of areas.

Technical characteristics:
  • Wide range of scents.
  • Capacity: 700 ml.
  • Hermetic seal.
  • 6 units / box.

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  • Odour Removal
    Ambientador Inhibodoras olor

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